About me

Hi everyone, I’m Nara, my real name is Quynh Nhu.

General: I was borned in 1995. My family comes from the middle of Vietnam but we moved to Saigon, where I grew up, in 2000. Now we live in Saigon.

I’m a normal girl with some normal interest like drawing, singing, reading book, want to try something new everyday. I don’t want to live a boring life, like my favorite quote: “A life unlived is like a book without words”. Therefore, I want my life is a super duper thick book with a lot of interesting stories. I’m on my way to do that.

I like music, I want to play music, so I learned how to play organ, then guitar, then harmonica,…oh I want to play drum, too. But now I can play the harmonica only 😦 There’re so many things I want to do, I know all but I can’t be the best of anything. Now I’ve learned how to control myself and focus on just 1 thing at 1 time, to do my best. I think you should be like this, too 🙂

What I want to follow in my life ? => I want to help people. One time, my professor ask us to do a paper about start up: “If you have a chance to start up, what will you do? Use SWOT.” I thought a lot but don’t know what to do. And the idea came to me. When I hung out with my friends, a little girl with her old blind father approached us and asked for money. They looked very poor. Her father played guitar and sang some old song. I wondered, if they have a band and somewhere they can play music and be paid, they don’t have to go everywhere like this. They will have a chance to sell their talent, show their voice. Then I thounght, what if all the begger, the poor have a chance to study, to sell their ability, their talent, then good things will happen. I want to start up with a social business “The GOHAND”, it stands for “The Golden Hand”. I want to be rich, to have a lot of money, then I can help them with my best and money can’t be our concern.

Why do I create this blog ? 😀 => Because I like writing and I want to practice using English also 😀 So if you mind me using both English and Vietnamese in my blog, just go out 😀



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